Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cacao Beans, 8 oz, Sunfood (raw, certified organic)

All chocolate is made from Cacao Beans (also known as Cocoa Beans). Cacao is chocolate! All the antioxidant value, mineral benefits, neurotransmitter rejuvenating properties, and overall health-giving qualities of chocolate are found in raw Cacao Beans! No sugar, no dairy, no chemicals. Just one ingredient: Cacao (chocolate!).

The raw Cacao Bean is one of nature's most fantastic superfoods due to its mineral content and wide array of unique and varied properties. Since many of the special properties of cacao are destroyed or lost by cooking, refining, and processing, we feel that planet Earth’s favorite food is still unknown to most of us. Now we get to reconnect with the power of real chocolate: raw Cacao Beans.

With Cacao Beans there is fantastic hope for chocoholics everywhere! You can turn cravings for cooked, processed, chocolate into super-nutrition with raw chocolate (Cacao Beans).

Cacao Beans are extraordinarily nutritious!

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